Tips of the week

Here’s where we kindly share all the previous tips of the week from the Kitchen Canny website. No need to thank us…

  • To keep your veg fresher for longer try wrapping them in kitchen paper. This should slow down the softening of the veg and help prevent mould by absorbing extra moisture in the vegetable drawer!
  • Save energy and time by baking more potatoes than you need, then freezing the spare ones. Just pop them in the microwave when you need them – quick (but proper oven baked potatoes) in minutes!
  • Space a bit tight in the freezer? Use freezer bags instead of plastic tubs to save space. They can be washed and reused too!
  • Keep a white board or piece of paper by the fridge to record all the leftovers you put in. This is a great tool for planning your next meal and making sure everything is eaten up.
  • Wondering what to do with that leftover yoghurt and over ripe fruit? Pour into lolly moulds and freeze for a sunny afternoon treat!
  • Try freezing small quantities of sauce in ice cube trays. It’s a quick and convenient way to add flavour to recipes as they can be popped in straight from the freezer
  • Wine not? If you’ve ended up with some leftover wine, instead of cluttering up your cupboards with bottles or leaving it to go off, try freezing the wine in yoghurt pots. You can then use it like a stock and add it to stews, pasta sauces and gravy, so you don’t have to open a fresh bottle every time.
  • Made too much food for dinner? Measuring the right portions can be tricky but don’t worry – just pop it into a Tupperware container and treat yourself to a yummy lunch the following day. Sometimes leftovers taste even better than the original!

  • Do you find yourself throwing out fruit and veg at the end of every week? If you do, try planning your meals before your food shop. That way you only buy what you need, keeping your wallet – and the environment – happy!
  • Organise your fridge so that the perishable items are at eye line level, at the very front. Dairy items like yoghurts often hide at the back so give them front row seats and don’t forget about them before their use by date!
  • Making soup is a great way to use up nearly gone vegetables, and it’s good for you too. Made too much? No problem – simply pop it in a Tupperware container, put it in the freezer and defrost it when you feel like a warming treat.
  • Try using fruit that’s near its turning point to create a delicious smoothie. Healthy and filling, smoothies are the perfect start to a day and are a great way to prevent wasting food!
  • Bread gone stale? Instead of throwing it in the bin, throw it in a food processor instead…add some onion and sage for a quick and delicious stuffing, or some cheese to create a topping for oven bakes. Yum!
  • Brown bananas can often be a regular, and annoying, occurrence in our fruit bowls. Instead of throwing them out, try whipping up some banana bread – it’s a great breakfast treat! If you don’t have time, you can always pop the peeled bananas in the freezer, then use them later in a smoothie. Easy!
  • If you have nearly gone vegetables lurking in your fridge, try using them to create a quick and tasty stock. Homemade stock is better for you than shop-bought cubes and is a great way of preventing waste!
  • Leftover lemon halves can be used for all sorts of practical purposes. Add the juice and zest to some olive oil and sugar for a cheap and effective homemade hand scrub or pop into the top shelf of your dishwasher for an extra clean and fragrant rinse!
  • Made too much coffee? Instead of wasting that delicious caffeine kick, save the remains for an iced coffee later. Simply stack some ice cubes in a tall glass, pour over the chilled coffee and enjoy a refreshing afternoon treat!
  • For a fun twist on a G & T, simply dice some cucumber, lemon or lime, pop into a freezer bag and freeze until you’re ready for a tipple. No need for ice cubes – the frozen fruit will act as both cooler and flavour. It’ll also save you throwing fruit out – sorted!

  • Fresh herbs getting less fresh by the minute? It happens – we often buy far more than we need. But instead of just using a sprig or two and throwing out the rest, simply chop into small pieces, mix with some water and freeze in ice cube trays. The next time you need fresh herbs in a recipe, you’ll have them handy. Easy!
  • Rice is one of the main culprits in terms of leftovers – no matter how carefully we measure it, we always seem to have huge amounts to spare. But instead of throwing it out, try mixing it with beans for a delicious summer salad, like this one. Enjoy!
  • If you’ve got soft fruit lurking in your fruit bowl, try slicing it and blending with some milk to pour over your cereal in the morning. It goes great with muesli or granola and is the perfect, healthy start to the day. Oh, and the kids will love the fun colours it makes too!
  • Before being tempted by 2 for 1 offers in the supermarket, ask yourself whether you really need the second item, or will you end up throwing it in the bin anyway? Also, ‘value’ packs can often be misleading – even if a giant bag of carrots only costs 80p, are you sure you’ll use them up before they go off? Remember, canny shopping will make a huge difference to your food waste!
  • If you find that your fruit goes bad before you can eat it, try storing it in the fridge instead (except for bananas and pineapples). Fruit can last up to two weeks longer in the fridge than the fruit bowl so get chilling!
  • When you’ve opened foods like cheese or ham, ensure they last longer in your fridge by wrapping them in cling film, foil or even a plastic bag. No more crusty cheese!
  • Try combining nearly-gone peppers, carrots and celery with kidney beans, chopped tomatoes and spices to make a yummy topping for veggie nachos. The ideal accompaniment to a football match!
  • Did you know you can freeze hard cheese? If you’ve bought too much and it’s going to go off before you can use it up, just pop it in your freezer.

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